Our Students
JULIA BOWLIN: "I feel lucky to have started with them at such a young age where I absorbed everything that they taught me..." read more ADAM GAYER: "Pancner's Art School is more than a school for learning art. Not only do you learn everything about art and more , but..." more
MEGAN WITTWER: "I have always felt welcome and free to express my ideas and opinions through art and through conversation equally..." read more KELLY BREMER: " Ales taught me from the ground up all of the fundamentals that I would need to be competitive upon entry into art college..."more
CLEA ENDRES: "Ales and Renata have introduced me to new materials and subject matter, which I would not have worked with without their guidance..."read more IAN BOYLE: "I began taking classes as a junior in high school in 2008 and continued through my senior year in 2009. Mr. Pancner helped me prepare my art portfolio for college scholarship competition..."read more
MEREDITH BRAUN : "From day one, Ales was simply amazing. He took a genuine interest in helping Meredith develop her skills and also expand her artistic horizons. He guided her on the path to create work that both was original and also suited for presentation in her portfolio."read more BETHANY ERDMAN: "My daughter, Bethany has always loved to draw. Since she has been a student at Pancner's Art School, she has gone from someone who just drew pictures to someone who creates art." read more