Ales Pancner

Artist / Instructor


Ales is a European artist, born in Czech Republic in 1965. He studied at LSU under Professor Rudolf Kubicek, followed by additional private study with Academy Professor Pavel Vavrys-winner of UNESCO art competition in Paris 1989 and Pinacoteca De Estado in Sao Paolo- Brazil.

He received an additional degree from Belohorska Art School in Prague. Ales won his first International Art Competition in Congo - Africa at age 7. His inventive color expressions have harmonies of emotion and energy. Partially withdrawn from reality, his style has an element of mystery, suggesting rather than defining.

"I really enjoy using bright, clean colors, mainly orange and turquoise blue, reminding me of the Mediterranean Sea. I love how these pigments interact with our feelings and how it affects the mood of the piece itself. For me, each painting is a journey. When I start, I don’t know where it’s going to take me, but it’s so exiting to explore new paths. It changes all the time and it keeps teaching me something new. At the end, I realize that the painting was always hiding somewhere inside. Shaped by my life, I just open the door for it to see the light of the day."

Ales's art work has been featured in many international shows and galleries such as in Prague (Czech Republic), Chicago (Illinois), Art Library (New York City), but also in his area of residency at the Museum of Art, Orchard Gallery, and Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His paintings appeared on three covers of international magazine Soundboard, as well as on posters, CD covers and music books. His work is owned by private and corporate collectors in many European countries, Australia and the United States.